My Survival Plan for Easter!

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The countdown to Easter is on.  It can be an exciting time for some but for others it is about how you are going to resist all of the brightly coloured goodies that will fill your house.

My survival plan for the easter break would be this;Easter

Make a plan of your meals and snacks for the entire weekend and stick to the plan

Plan fun times with family and friends with activities other than food

Drink heaps of water

Eat more protein to curb your sweet cravings

Allow yourself a chocolate indulgence if you love it but aim for QUALITY not QUANTITY.

My top chocolate choices would be;

Try some raw chocolate which is packed with health benefits (I like the Loving Earth Luvju)

Invest in a good quality dark chocolate and have a small amount

Dip some beautiful strawberries in melted dark chocolate

Make some chocolate protein power balls instead for your Easter treat

If you decide to eat other easter eggs choose a small one and remember they are highly addictive so you will need to use self control to stop at a few.

It will be amazing when the weekend is over and you don’t feel YUK from overindulging.  Stick with your plan, your body will thank you.

Happy Easter.