Reduce inflammation with Turmeric

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Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory qualities which means it may work as well as some anti-inflammatory medications, without the side effects. It has been shown to help inflammatory bowel disease and osteoarthritis.

Curcumin which is the active ingredient in Turmeric stimulates the gallbladder and produces bile. This may help improve digestion and assist with weight loss. It has also been shown to reduce symptoms of bloating and gas.

You can use turmeric as you would a ginger root. Here are a few ideas that I have used to help with my creaky knees!


Grate the fresh root into a stir fry
Use the dried powder in the base of your curries
My favourite is to add about 3cm of peeled root into my green smoothie, adds a great boost of flavour.

A LITTLE TIP – wear gloves when peeling fresh turmeric! Unless you like the look of orange fingers…..