There is a worm in my apple!

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Recently I decided to make the switch to buying organic fruit and vegies for the entire family. After a few unsuccessful attempts I found some suppliers that I am happy with and I am really enjoying the process.

BUT after a long day at school one of my lovely children arrived home very distressed! MUM, today at school there was a worm in my apple!!!!

Well this is a very bad situation for a teenager, but it started me thinking, after my initial giggle. I remember when I was a teenager occasionally finding a worm in my apple and not thinking too much of it. Until my recent switch all of the apples in my fruit bowl have been the exact same size, a beautiful rosy red colour and with a very shiny skin.

Now with the switch to organic the size is irregular, some are redder than others, they are not glossy and the occasional one may even have a WORM!

The point I am trying to make is that maybe the pesticides and insecticides are so powerful now that no bugs will go near our fruit. Also how can one apple tree contain fruit naturally that is all the same size and colour? And not to mention the toxic wax that is rubbed on the outside of the apple to make it look appealing to kids.

Well my family are all guinea pigs for my latest experiments and I will persevere with this one to allow them to be as healthy as possible, even if it may mean a worm or two….