12 kilos lighter – Elly’s story

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65 years young and 12Kg lighter

I want to acknowledge Karen for the part she has played in my life over the past nine months. Unlike most of her clients, Karen has been supporting me remotely because my lifestyle is somewhat different to most. Three years ago, after selling our home in Sydney, my husband and I embarked on a journey to travel around Australia in a caravan. It’s a great way to live if you like the idea – however it also had a downside for me. From the beginning I treated each day as though I was on holidays!! This meant enjoying morning and afternoon tea and nibbles with happy hour etc. I also ate a lot differently to what I had been used to because we don’t have a kitchen size fridge for loads of vegies etc, and bread, rice and pasta were obviously good staples.

So, after two years I had gradually put on the kilos, even with a good level of exercise most days. My bathroom scales may be well travelled, but they had not seen the light of day for two years. I knew it had to stop because brand new shorts no longer fitted me, and it was all too easy to just keep wearing my bike pants and T shirts that just stretched with the ever expanding waist!!

So, having met Karen some years ago when I needed help and support to understand what my body needed nutritionally for a healthy weight, I again turned to her because I knew I could not do this on my own. I think it is really important to recognise that a weight loss journey is never going to be a five minute process – it takes time, focus and dedication, especially if it requires some significant modifications to one’s diet, and more particularly to one’s beliefs and behaviours around food.

In early August last year I made a commitment to myself to change. I called Karen from Port Hedland in WA and asked for her support. I was thrilled to know she remembered me, and even knew what type of diet I needed to have (low carb). Of course I knew that too, didn’t I? I just wasn’t quite ready to give up the “good life”.

From week 1, with some supplements shipped across the country, I focussed on my eating plan, completed my weekly food diary, weighed myself and then (with today’s modern technology) sent photos of my results via my smart phone to Karen’s email box. Each week Karen was able to offer me advice and support, based on my results, give me encouragement and make constructive suggestions to modify my diet when little plateaus appeared. Although it was entirely up to me, knowing I had Karen’s support helped me stay focussed each week.

Nine months later, I hit my goal. My starting weight was 74kg and initially I set a goal to be 65kg (after 6 months). Then when I got there in March I thought to myself that my goal needed adjusting as I still felt overweight. I made a commitment to myself (and Karen) that I would achieve my revised goal of 62kg by my 65th birthday (a further 2 months). I have just celebrated this birthday and my weight 2 days before was exactly 62kg!!

I could not have given myself a better gift. It’s like I have a whole new body and I just love the feeling of clothes fitting me so comfortably. I am proud of myself, and I know that the time it has taken to lose 12kg has had so many benefits because the weight has come off gradually, my body has adjusted to what it needs to be healthy and even though I enjoy carbs, I limit myself to a couple of serves each week when I might include some pasta, rice or a slice of toast into my diet. I have also included daily floor exercises to my 1 hour walk.

Karen – you are a gem. You are also passionate about what you do and I want to wish you every success with the new venture under the banner of Dragonfly Nutrition. I’m still in WA and about to head overseas with my hubby for 7 weeks and I know that even though I will be tempted by the various foods etc, I am going to stay true to myself and be mindful that weight goes on so quickly but it takes a lot longer to lose!!