Food additives to avoid

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Why so cranky??
Why so cranky??

Below are some common additives which should be avoided in your diet. They can cause irritability, poor concentration, restless legs, headaches, stomach aches, rashes, bedwetting, lack of energy, ADHD, ear infections, asthma, runny nose. Many of these are present in kids snack foods so start to watch your numbers…..


Artificial colours                102, 107, 110, 112-129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 155 

in lollies, processed snack foods, noodles, soft drinks, jellies, cakes

Naturals colour (annatto)                              160b         

in margarine, icecream, yoghurt, cheese



Sorbic acids                      200-203              processed fruit, cordial, wine

Benzoic acids                   210-213              soft drinks, cordials, juices

Sulphites                          220-228              wine, beer, processed fruit

Nitrates and nitrites         249-252              ham, bacon, devon, salami

Propionic acids                 280-283              some breads, crumpets

Antioxidants                     310-321              oils, chips, french fries



Glutamates                      620-625, 627, 631, 635 (621 is MSG)    fast foods and snack foods, tasty foods