Calcium and strong bones..

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Do you eat or avoid dairy?calcium

In the western world we have a high intake of cows dairy and also a high incidence of osteoporosis.

So it may be that a high consumption of dairy is not the only answer to maintain optimum bone health.

Calcium is also important in

  • Preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Muscle growth
  • Energy production
  • Proper digestion
  • The breakdown of fats

A dietary intake of around 1000mg/day is needed for most people.

Calcium is vital for strong and healthy bones but your daily calcium intake is not the only factor that influences bone strength.

Other factors that are important to keep bones strong are;

  • Magnesium – vital to help bones take up calcium from blood
  • Vitamin C – increases calcium absorption
  • Vitamin D – needed for the proper absorption of calcium in the small intestine
  • Weight bearing exercise will help increase bone strength

Other factors that weaken your bone strength;

  • Stress – increase cortisol levels accelerate bone breakdown
  • Reduced estrogen levels – contributes to brittle bones
  • Inflammation – can cause the breakdown of bone and inhibits the formation of new bone cells.
  • A low fat diet may diminish your bone health as fat is need to absorb fat soluble vitamins like D & K.
  • Inadequate protein in your diet as it aids calcium absorption
  • Too much grain in your diet can affect calcium absorption due to its phytic acid content.

Great sources of calcium in your diet include

  • Green leafy vegetables – broccoli, parsley, bok choy, kale
  • Sardines and other small bony fish, salmon
  • Nuts and seeds especially chia seeds

Wishing you all strong and healthy bones…..