Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight?

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alcoholThe answer is yes – but not as easily…..

If you are serious about losing weight you need to look closely at your alcohol consumption. Drinking in moderation (one standard drink per day for women & two standard drinks per day for men) may fit the guidelines but will make it more difficult to lose weight and may affect your overall health.

Alcohol suppresses the body’s ability to burn fat as it is not stored in the same way carbohydrates and fats are.

When we drink alcohol, the body treats it like a toxin and automatically initiates a defence mechanism, processing the ‘toxin’ through the liver and out of the body.

While the body is doing this, it stops using your normal energy sources such as carbohydrate and fats for energy. This surplus energy starts to pile on around the stomach & backside.

Alcohol also interfers with the body’s digestion and absorption of vitamins & minerals.

So – try to limit alcohol to the weekend and social occasions.

Which alcohol is best to drink?

  • Dry wines (red or white)
  • Spirits (avoid sugary mixers – try mixing with ice or sparkling water)


  • Pre mixed drinks
  • Beer and ciders
  • Champagne

Standard drink guidelines are;

  • Wine 100ml glass
  • Spirits 30ml nip
  • Beer 285ml glass

So my advise would be is to consume in moderation on social occasions – CHEERS!