Top 5 foods to Avoid

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Here are my top 5 “foods” to avoid.  They add no nutritional value to your diet and have a harmful effect on the body.junk food


Remember that all fats are NOT created equal!

You must include quality natural fats in your diet to satisfy your appetite and support brain function. The oils I would never use are;

Vegetable, soybean, safflower, sunflower, corn, rice bran and canola oils.


Eating too much sugar usually goes hand in hand with too much processed food. I avoid the white stuff like the plague.  If you need a little sweet indulgence try some maple syrup, rice malt syrup or pure honey – and remember just a little!


Some may say that these make food taste better but why would you want to put something in your body that was made in a laboratory. Read my blog on Food Additives to Avoid (June 2014).  Generally speaking if there is a number in your food it’s not a food anymore.


Even I have been sucked in to the marketing of diet products in the past. Once again food made in a laboratory is not food your body will recognise.  These foods lead to weight gain, inflammatory disease, heart disease, mental health disorders and the list goes on.


More and more individuals have a problem with gluten and even if your are not Coeliac you may still be intolerant of gluten.  Gluten is difficult to digest and can also be highly addictive.  Avoid switching to “gluten free” products and simply switch to more veggies, lean proteins and good fats, nuts & seeds and a little fruit.

You only have one body so why not fuel it correctly.

Keep it real – real food, good quality and adequate portions.