How many vegetables have you eaten today?

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Eat the colours of the rainbow

This is an interesting topic for me this week as I am reading a book by Dr Terry Wahls called The “Wahls Protocol”. This doctor had become confined to a wheelchair since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and decided to take matters into her own hands.  She designed a diet that would give her body all of the nutrients she needed to repair.  She now is no longer in a wheelchair and can walk again – the power of food on our bodies is just amazing.

She has followed many of the principles I have talked about in previous weeks, eating a diet that doesn’t include grain, dairy or sugar. Most importantly Dr Wahls increased her vegetable and fruit intake to 9 cups per day.

Here is how it is done;

  • 3 cups of leafy greens
  • 3 cups of deeply coloured vegetables and fruit
  • 3 cups of sulphur rich vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, kale, radish, cabbage)

This is a great goal for anyone to strive towards. The micronutrient content of a vegetable is often linked to its colour so I would recommend that you “eat the colours of the rainbow”.

  • Leafy greens are nutritionally dense powerhouses of nutrition. They contain excellent sources of B vitamins and also vitamin A, C and K.
  • Coloured vegetables contain large quantities of antioxidants which fight off free radicals in your body and help prevent disease.
  • Sulphur rich vegetables and important for nourishing your cells and eliminating toxins that enter your body.

So why not have a look at how many different types of vegetables you are consuming in one day. Try to alternate them and try not to always eat the same ones with dinner each night.

  • Try making the “Lean Green Smoothie” under drinks on my website.
  • Include lots of coloured vegetables in a frittata for breakfast.
  • Make a rainbow salad for lunch with lean protein and fresh berries.
  • Stir fry 5 different vegetables with some protein for dinner.

Lastly keep experimenting, even if you didn’t like a particular vegetable when you were a kid, maybe your tastes have matured and you will love it now. Give it a try and see how many cups of vegetables you can have daily.  Your body and brain will thank you.