How I lost 10 kilos in 4 weeks – my HCG journey

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10 kilos lighter in 30 days
10 kilos lighter in 30 days

The time had come and I was sick of my muffin top and tired of my sore tummy and even though I was eating really well and exercising a lot I just wasn’t achieving what I wanted to achieve. My main complaint was I was always hungry – really hungry!!

So this led me to do more and more research on the HCG Homeopathic Diet. I decided as always to use myself as a guinea pig and the results were truly amazing.

The HCG Diet was designed by Dr Simeon in the 1950’s. The diet is designed to allow your body to use its own fat stores as fuel and to achieve rapid weight loss without hunger.  The program allows you to detox in a natural way and reset your metabolism.

Dr Simeon figured out that the body has three types of fat, structural, normal reserve fat and abnormal fat. He figured out a way to get the body to move the abnormal fat and not the other essential types of fat.

I began the program sceptically. But as the days passed and the weight dropped I got more excited and motivated to succeed.  I lost 10 kilos in 30 days and that was without any exercise as this is not allowed on the program.  I have not had one stomach ache for 4 weeks, I feel clear in the head, my hips don’t ache anymore and I feel the best I have in years.

I was a bit hungry in the first week but now I feel my appetite has totally reset and I don’t feel hungry at all. My energy levels were low at times but I allowed myself to rest which is not something that I would normally do.  I am now entering the maintenance phase.  Maintenance is required to set the weight loss and begin to slowly reintroduce foods that your body requires.

The program is strict and requires exact compliance. I will admit that it is not for the faint hearted and you need to be ready to commit and ready to change.

I am so excited to now be able to offer this amazing program to you. It is now officially up and running at Dragonfly Nutrition.

I will have more information in the weeks to come about this program. Good luck to those who have jumped in and started already.  If you are interested in hearing about my experience please don’t hesitate to contact me.