Covered to Cut in 14 days – HCG success

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8.5 kilos in 14 days
8.5 kilos in 14 days

Here is another HCG success story.  Dan lost 8.5 kilos in 14 days on HCG.  With NO exercise!

Dan did not have a lot of weight to lose but he struggled to get that lean look that he wanted.  Hours of training in the gym and on the field and eating a healthy diet still didn’t produce the results.

He decided to take a break from training and try HCG.  For him and a lot of others taking a break from exercise for several weeks can be very daunting but it is an important part of the HCG process.  He found it amazing that by resting he was able to shed the weight.

When I asked him to comment on his HCG experience this is what he said – “it was one of the weirdest yet amazing experiences.  I feel that this program has changed my life and I have discovered a new way of eating.  I now understand what to do so my body works at its best.”

As with most men who try the HCG Homeopathic diet the weight came off very quickly.  The results speak for themselves and all of the previous training became evident as the six pack finally was able to show through.

He has now resumed training and is almost back to full strength and has improved his cardio fitness.

Dan has now embraced the maintenance phase and has developed a new way of eating that focuses on good quality proteins, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and some fruit.

If you have struggled to achieve the lean look that you would like why not give the HCG Homeopathic Diet a try and you could be another success story in just a few weeks.