No longer a work in progress

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Two months ago I would have described Georgie as a work in progress – today I would describe her as an inspiration.

10 kilos lighter
10 kilos lighter

I have worked with Georgie for 2 years and we have both struggled to get any result that we are both proud of. After a bit of discussion Georgie decided to give HCG a go and WOW what an achievement. The first few weeks were rough as the demons that are associated with food were made to disappear – this is the power of HCG. Now that Georgie has finished 40 whole days on this rigid program she is so close to her goal – I am so proud of her is gives me goosebumps.

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I started seeing Karen a few years back and even though I made some good changes to my diet I didn’t ever achieve the weight loss that I wanted. After much discussion I decided to give HCG a go.

I started HCG in January 2015, loved the loading and even managed to lose 1.5 kilos! I must tell you that I am a CHOCOHOLIC. I then started Phase 2 and loved the daily weight loss, I have never owned scales before so this was new to me to see the weight going down. I had ups and downs emotionally but would put in a call to my fearless leader and managed to get my head together.

I realised by about week 2 that this program is about the average weight loss per day, some days I would lose and some I wouldn’t. I needed to keep those demons under control the days I didn’t lose. I did this with the support of Karen. I stayed on Phase 2 for 40 days and am proud to say that I did not have any chocolate or sugar during this time.

I have lost a total of 10 kilos which is so amazing. I am looking forward to the maintenance phase now and will be very interested how that goes. I am determined to maintain this weight loss and will possibly do another round of HCG to lose those final kilos.

Thankyou Karen for being there for me. It is great to know I have someone to contact if I go off track and also to ask questions if I have to eat out in different situations.

I would say that HCG was an amazing experience for me.