Are you truly HUNGRY?

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Firstly a big cheer for all of my HCG’ers with a combined weight loss total of 323 kilos – keep those kilos rolling away…


Are you truly hungry?
Are you truly hungry?

An obvious issue that comes up when food intake is reduced is of course, HUNGER. The anxiety people feel concerning hunger can scare them away from even starting a weight loss programme. The real battle is usually with the mind and emotions. The body can go for days without food if needed, not that I suggest you do this. But the mind can be very resistant, until several days into a programme and it learns to function well on the new eating plan.

Try to see hunger not as an obstacle but an excellent opportunity to learn about yourself. Redefining what hunger means is an important life changing skill. Examining, questioning hunger will free you from the traps you might have around food. Maybe you eat too much of it. Maybe you eat the wrong kinds of it or maybe you eat without awareness because food fills some other roles in your life beyond nourishment.

As hunger creeps up in the day ask yourself the following questions….

  • What does hungry actually mean?
  • Am I truly hungry?
  • Am I bored, lonely, happy, sad, anxious, angry?

Treat hunger like a wave that hits its peak and then goes away. Quite often if you stay with it and watch it, it will disappear. Firstly have a glass of water to see if you are actually dehydrated. Then if it is not time for a snack or meal have a warm drink and take a moment to breath.

If hunger is an issue for you I would recommend you consider the HCG Homeopathic Diet. This program works deeply on reprogramming your response to hunger. It allows your body to detox and then reset so that hunger will no longer be an issue for you.

Finally be careful with the weather becoming cooler that you don’t fall into the trap of eating for comfort.  You don’t want winter to encourage poor food habits.