21 days to a new you

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For many of us certain food groups like sugar, grain, dairy and legumes could be having a negative effect on our body. Digestive disturbance, joint aches and pain, low energy levels, skin disorders, unexplained weight gain could all be directly related to the food you are eating.

One yummy dinner on the HCG Diet
One yummy dinner on the HCG Diet

If you strip them from your diet for a period of time, 21 – 40 days your body has time to heal and repair. You will activate your metabolisms reset button, you will strip your body of inflammation and learn how your body can feel when it is not disrupted by poor food choices.

The HCG program is a great way to start this cleansing process and is also guaranteed to strip excess weight at the same time. To date my clients have lost a total of 340 unwanted kilos. This is by eating clean food consisting of proteins, vegetables and fruit. The eating plan is simple, specific and easy to follow.

After the cleansing phase of the diet comes the important maintenance program which allows your body to adjust. In this phase you begin to reintroduce foods that are important to continue to improve your health and vitality.

Weight loss for the 21 day program is between 5-10 kilos and for the 40 day program 15-20 kilos. So if you are considering doing something for yourself over winter why not commit to the HCG Homeopathic Diet. 21 days is not a long time and by the time winter is over you will be ready to shed those layers for summer.

This program has changed many lives and I would love it to change your life as well.