Do you HAVE to HAVE it?

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A common question I get asked is should I drink coffee and wine and can I have sugar in my diet? My answer is “do you HAVE to?”coffee and wine

I believe that when you feel that you MUST have something to cope with your day then you might need to ask yourself whether you are addicted to it. If you love the taste of your morning coffee (black of course!!) that is fine, you should enjoy it without guilt. When it becomes a case of you MUST HAVE your morning coffee then that might be a problem.

Symptoms that might indicate that you are addicted to a substance would be severe headaches when you don’t have it. Shakes, low energy and irritability are also good indicators.

The same goes for the glass of wine with dinner. If you feel you must have it to unwind that might also be a good indicator it is time to take a break.

Many people, especially women put their adrenal system on a roller coaster every day.

  • No breakfast
  • Coffee – rush rush
  • Late lunch
  • more coffee and chocolate – more rushing + stress
  • wine to unwind
  • late dinner.

Your adrenal system will only cope with this cycle for so long before it shuts down. This is when you can develop adrenal exhaustion.

The same habit can develop with sugar. If you cannot survive your day without something sweet then maybe it is time to have a look at your eating patterns. Many people complain that they must have something sweet after their meals. If this is the case it is a good indicator that your eating plan does not contain adequate protein and good fats. It also can indicate that you are addicted to sugar.

So if you feel that you MUST have caffeine, alcohol or sugar on a daily basis you might like to consider taking a break for a while. Not to say you cannot have it ever again but maybe your body and your adrenal system might need a break.