Pam loses 13.1kg and gets her energy back

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Thankyou Pam for sharing your HCG journey.  I am thrilled with your 13.1kg weight loss and your new found energy…

Pam’s Story;

I was sceptical how I would handle being on the HCG program because at 62 years of age & still working a full-time fairly stressful job – I was sure that I wouldn’t have the energy to do all that I need to do each day. Those doubts disappeared within the first few days.

I was amazed how well I felt, even thought I was only having 500 calories a day!

Before HCG I would buy take-away on the way home from work & sit on the lounge for the rest of the evening because I was exhausted. Now I get home, cook dinner (it’s amazing how quickly you can cook 100grams of meat & some vegetables) – even wash up straight away. If I get home early enough I go for a walk as well!

I lost 10kgs during the 40 day program. I am amazed how the fat disappeared from the places that I really wanted it to disappear from (thighs, tummy, hips, etc) – without making my face look drawn & lined (as can happen to us mature women when we lose weight very quickly).

I am almost at the end of my 40 day maintenance period. Even though I am now having some indulgent treats, particularly of a weekend – I have lost another 3kgs in the 40 day maintenance period!

I want to thank Karen for her support & amazing recipes & suggestions during the last few months.