14.1 kilos on 2 rounds of HCG

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Susy Benson2

One of the great things about the HCG Homeopathic Diet is that is can be done in rounds.  If you have a bit of weight to lose or a limited time that you can commit to the restrictive phase you can break your weight loss into rounds.  Each round can be as little as 21 days and this is a great way to stay motivated and still get great results.

Susy has just completed her second round of HCG and has now lost an amazing 14.1 kilos.  With a very physical job it was more suitable for Susy to do shorter periods of restrictive dieting.  It took two rounds for Susy to achieve her desired weight loss and she can now focus on maintaining that weight by developing a new way of eating.

Don’t be daunted if you have a bit of weight to lose, just get started and you will be that much closer to the finish line – just like Susy.