About me

Nutrition has always fascinated me since I was a teenager who struggled to maintain an ideal weight. I always exercised regularly but this did not seem to be enough. I developed chronic fatigue in my early 20’s and spent years trying to find the answers to this mysterious disease.

I decided to study nutrition to help me find a cure.  Although I started to get some of these answers it wasn’t until I started my own research on food and health that I got a clear understanding on what was happening with my body.

I have used my own body as a guinea pig over the last 20 years and there is probably not one “diet” that I haven’t tried.  I now know that ultimate health is not about dieting, but about lifestyle and finding a lifestyle that will keep you IMG_2607feeling energised and full of vitality.

I have had years of experience with food intolerance and strongly believe that this can be a huge factor in how you feel.  Once you define the foods that your body doesn’t process well you can develop your own eating plan for life.

There are so many diets on the market, some good, some really bad.  It can be confusing to say the least and leave you wondering what to eat next. As a Nutritionist, I was confused, but now I see it clearly.

We have evolved from hunter gatherers who ate vegetation, lean meats, seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds. This is a far cry from the modern day diet and why diseases like obesity, autoimmune disease, allergy, food intolerance and inflammatory diseases are a common complaint.

It is your choice, if you want to feel amazing and learn how to fuel your own unique body I would love to guide you on your journey.

Begin your transformation…..