Eating Plans

Weight Loss

An easy to follow eating plan that will give you quick and permanent weight loss. Specially designed to reduce hunger and allow the body to naturally shed unwanted kilos. Weekly consultations are required to keep you committed and reach your goal weight as quickly as possible. The weight loss plan will be adjusted to suit lifestyle and food preferences. The eating plan can be adapted to feed the whole family and also allow you to dine out while still losing weight. All you need to bring is tonnes of commitment and I will teach you the rest.

Food Intolerance

A comprehensive elimination diet following the principles of the Low FODMAP diet. This process involves eliminating poorly absorbed sugars to control gastrointestinal symptoms. Groups of foods that can cause upsets in many individuals fructose, lactose and fructans (present in wheat and other foods). By eliminating certain food groups for a period of time the body has time to heal and the foods can be reintroduced and assessed to see if they cause a problem.


Many diseases can be aggravated by foods in your diet. A reduction in processed foods, alcohol, sugar and grains can benefit many conditions. If you require a specific carbohydrate restricted eating plan it can be confusing how to begin. Learn how to prepare exciting breakfasts, lunches, dinners and  snacks.  Autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases can be improved by diet. Learn how to use food as medicine and heal your own body.