HCG Diet

HCGThe HCG Homeopathic Diet was designed by Dr Simeon in the 1950’s. The diet is designed to allow your body to use its own fat stores as fuel and to achieve rapid weight loss without hunger.  The program allows you to detox in a natural way and reset your metabolism.

Dr Simeon figured out that the body has three types of fat, structural, normal reserve fat and abnormal fat. He figured out a way to get the body to move the abnormal fat and not the other essential types of fat.

There are 4 phases to the HCG program which I have set out below.

All of the phases are important, not just the weight loss phase. The idea of the program is to reset your hypothalamus and your metabolism so the weight loss can stick for the rest of your life.

Phase 1 – LOADING 2 days Begin taking HCG drops. Eat until you are full with high fat, high calorie foods.  Aim for high fat foods rather than high carbohydrate foods.
Phase 2 – REDUCING 14 – 40 days Continue to take HCG drops and follow the 500 calories eating plan. It is vital to follow this strictly with no exceptions.
Phase 3 – TRANSITION 3 days Stop taking HCG drops but continue on with 500 calorie eating plan.
Phase 4 – MAINTENANCE 14 – 40 days Maintenance is important to stabilise your new weight. It is time to listen to your body and hunger signals.  Maintenance phase must equal time spent on Phase 2

Other Important Information

No strenuous exercise is permitted in Phases 2 and 3 – gentle walking and yoga are permitted.There are no reports of homeopathic HCG interacting negatively with any common prescription medications.No fats or oils in skin care products are permitted during program.

No fat soluble vitamins are to be taken during program such as vitamins A, D, E and K.  Also no fish oil supplements.

For women it is recommended to begin taking drops after the last day of your menstrual cycle.

No Massage is allowed during the program.

The program is not for the faint hearted.  It requires motivation and determination but the results are truly rewarding.

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